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Why motion graphics is great for your business

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

It’s quite simple, videos perform better than images or text. It’s a fact that video content marketing has a much higher engagement, but have you wondered why? The aim of the game is to get your audience to stop scrolling and see what you have to offer. Your business is constantly competing with tons of other content on social media, daily. Your competitors may be posting similar style content to you, so how can you stand out? Below we outline some ways video content can give you the competitive advantage.

1. Engagement

Video content can be a very effective tool as 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process and 80% of users do recall a video ad, they viewed within 30 days.

And that’s not by accident! Humans are very visual learners, retaining 65% of visual information and only 10% of the auditory information. That’s what makes animated videos so great, as they combine images, text and audio in short, dynamic way which makes even the most boring content exciting and relatable. It can make a difference between a product/service standing out to the desired audience or going ignored.

The MENA region has the world’s second largest amount of video views per day, at 310 million views/day and in Saudi Arabia the average internet user watched three times more than an average user in the US. On average, a user is exposed to 32.3 videos a month which makes video content an effective means of reaching the most amount of audience.

2. It’s an excellent branding tool

Branding is a combination of multiple elements, some of which are physical i.e. logo, graphics, colour schemes etc and some of which are intangible i.e. personality & emotion. Motion graphics is so effective in branding as it takes the visual/physical elements of the brand and shows off the personality and the emotion side of it. It’s not only a great way to grab attention and give a voice to your brand but it can really build your brand personality. The type of artwork that you use, the voice over, the script all play an important role to sculpt how your audience is going to perceive your brand.

It can be used to increase awareness about your brand, launch a new product or service, and aid in improving brand reputation.

3. Tell your story

People respond to stories they can relate to. No matter how pretty the image is, or how trendy the design work is, without a good story people simply don’t connect with your content. And without that connection, your content goes ignored, and your budget wasted.

While hiring actors and a whole film production can be relevant for some businesses, it is often very expensive and time consuming. With motion graphics however, you can tell your story in any style you choose, at a fraction of the cost. Build your characters, tell your story, and let your audience know who you are as a brand and why they should love your product or service.

4. Simplifying complex topics

One of the greatest advantages of using motion graphic videos is that you can take complex and heavy topics and simplify them into engaging visuals. These videos can then be consumed by your target audience quickly and effectively in a minute or two rather than going through pages and pages of information or watching a lengthy power point presentation.

You can use it in visualising data, complex topics, train your staff in multiple languages within one video, explain your business solution in a way that will resonate with people and your valuable information will not be ignored or forgotten.

5. Suitable for different platforms and goals

Whichever platform you have chosen to reach your audience on, motion graphic videos can be adapted to it. Here are some of the most common types of video categories that are requested by businesses for their marketing, advertising, and branding goals:

  • Products & Services Promotional Videos

  • Business & Sales Presentations

  • Marketing & Branding Events

  • Traditional & Online Ads

  • Social Media Content (All Platforms)

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Educational & Explainer Videos (How-to Tutorials)

  • Product Reviews & Testimonials

  • Brand & Company Info Videos

6. Improves SEO performance

Motion graphics is also great for improving the SEO performance, by reducing the bounce rate and on average increasing the time spent on your website by 260%. This results in a positive SEO and pushes your website higher in organic search result.


With the demand for video content increasing, businesses like yours are starting to take advantage of motion graphic content. Whether it’s a single video for your website, or a package of short videos for your social media platforms, video content can make a difference between a sale and your content being ignored.

It's not all black and white. Just because videos work, doesn’t mean it should be your only content. Use videos in a combination with photos, to add variety to your marketing and connect with your audience.

Are you looking for a animation company in Bahrain who can help you from A-Z? Give us a call, we can guide you through the process and help you create beautiful and engaging content. If you have no experience with motion graphics studio or animated video in general, we will guide you to ensure the most smooth and pleasant experience!

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